Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kingdom Death: Survivor 1/test paint.


Just a small update this time. Been messing around with how i want to paint most of my kingdom death survivors/monsters.
Decided to go with a OSL style of painting seeing as the game is set in a dark area and most of the models seem to be carrying lanterns. I've messed around with this in the past with an old Mordheim warband and always wanted  to give it another go, so this seems like the right place to do it.

So here is the first model/kind of test, i'm pretty happy how she turned out even if the photos make the colours look brighter than they actually are. I think the i could of done the skin alot better and i'm sure the next few with be abit smoother like the base/robe etc but pretty pleased with it over all :)
Anyway onto the (non blurry!) picture eh?

Can't just leave it at that, right? Thought i would show some of the monsters and how snazzy these kits are. Here we have the Butcher, a Kings man, the Screaming Antelope and the White Lion(which will probably be the first monster i paint)

Anyways, thanks for having a look and lemme know what you think!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

More Malifaux and some Kingdom Death!


Been keeping up with my hourish a night seclude and it still seems to be paying off, done abit more putting things together rather than painting over the last few weeks but i still have finished a couple more Guild members.

First up we have Captain Dashel.Think i need to invest in a tripod or find away to make the camera alittle more stable for less blurry pictures(main reason why there is no back pics). Pretty happy with how the skin tones came out on this one.


Next up is the second Guild Lawyer. Been trying to work on painting black abit and  making things look abit smoother too.

Also been working on the main man himself, Lucius. I wanna try some NMM on his face mask, should be fun :D

Now onto some more fun stuffs, last post i mentioned my Kingdom Death kickstarter stuff was on the way. Other morning the courier arrive with a rather large and heavy package. Opening it up reviles it has arrived! Was alot more things in the box than i thought and very nice quality too, Here are some pics of the contents.

First up is the box, Malifaux mini to show you the size of it, kinda heavy too the shipping box said it was around 9kg.

One of my favorite things in the box is the board itself, huge and full of detail. I do feel like with alot of use some of the foldy parts could tear/wear out over time. Also a glimpse at some of the counters/terrain markers

Rule book, cards, dice and character sheets etc. Rule book is a pretty decent size, alot of stunning and creepy artwork. Havent given it a good read through yet, but from skimming it seems to have an intro game and alot of rules for campaigns.

Lastly are the miniatures and boy are there alot of  parts and bits! Very detailed and very good quality for plastics/boxed game.

I put together an imgur album if you want to see some close ups. Link is  HERE.

So many new things to distract me from Malifaux! Maybe i can alternate between the two lots of them lol.

Anywho, thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed C&C are always welcome.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

So soon?


Whats this? Another update so soon? shocking i know! But i have been busy painting(very slowly) and having fun with the hobby once again, huzzah!

Been messing around with camera settings, pictures seem to look have come out alot better, still alil blurry in some parts, but lemme know.
First up is a model i got years ago, forgot where it came from but i grabbed it cause it look just like a Brotherhood of Steel member from the Fallout games. Wanted to mess around with some metallics and weathering/rust.

Next up is one of the many Wyrd/Malifaux miniatures i own. Malifaux is a game i have never played but has one of my favorite miniature ranges to expect to see more in the future! This is one of the Guild lawyers from the bound by law box(which i plan i fully painting up), the purple came out abit brighter than i planned but over all happy with the model.

In other news, the Kingdom Death: Monster kickstarter i back afew years ago is finally getting very close to shipping, so i'm sure pumped to finally get my hands on the box set and extras I chose . If you have never seen the Kingdom Death range i think you should go check them out, some very strange but fantastic models in the range, i own acouple of the stranger ones(wet nurse and adult sunstalker) and i'm pretty sure i would spend way too much on them if they weren't always out of stock.

Anywho, thanks for the welcoming back in the comments on the last post and hope you all enjoy this one!