Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kingdom Death: Survivor 1/test paint.


Just a small update this time. Been messing around with how i want to paint most of my kingdom death survivors/monsters.
Decided to go with a OSL style of painting seeing as the game is set in a dark area and most of the models seem to be carrying lanterns. I've messed around with this in the past with an old Mordheim warband and always wanted  to give it another go, so this seems like the right place to do it.

So here is the first model/kind of test, i'm pretty happy how she turned out even if the photos make the colours look brighter than they actually are. I think the i could of done the skin alot better and i'm sure the next few with be abit smoother like the base/robe etc but pretty pleased with it over all :)
Anyway onto the (non blurry!) picture eh?

Can't just leave it at that, right? Thought i would show some of the monsters and how snazzy these kits are. Here we have the Butcher, a Kings man, the Screaming Antelope and the White Lion(which will probably be the first monster i paint)

Anyways, thanks for having a look and lemme know what you think!



  1. You've proved you can still do OSL like you could back in the day. ;)

    You'll also be pleased I broke down and am getting into Malifaux again with the plastics - the Punk Zombies are lovely models!

    1. Excellent! Now all we need to do is to get Si to buy some aswell >:D

  2. Very impressive kiwi, the effect is really good. Good to see you haven't lost your painting skills despite so long a hobby gap :P

    1. A compliment from you is a strange thing.....but i'll take it!