Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why hello there

Well, finally decided to start one of these blog thingys, mainly to keep all my wargaming stuff in one place for a change, rather than having it scattered over different forums, will proberly still post on some of the forums but we never know.

A basic introduction is in order i think..
My names Andrew, but on forums i normally go by the name Foot_of_adhesive_tape. Im 22, been in the hobby now for about 10? 11? years? quite awhile now that i think about it.
Im mainly into Mordheim which is what you will mostly see on here, seeing as my current projects are a Possessed and a Witch Hunter warband. But now and then i will post random 40k, WFB, weird world war 2 stuff cause i tend to change projects/come up with new ideas quite often.

Now im a person of few words, so i will normally post some pics with something about the model or something, i dunno lol. Anyway here some pics of old projects, my next update will have some Mordheim stuff in it :)

First up i have acouple of German WWW2 stuff from Incursion, if you want to see the rest of them you can see them in my photobucket here
Hans the hunter


Some stuff from my slow WIP Blood Pact army

Can find more pics of the army so far here.

And lastly for now i have been working on 3D-ish style Warhammer Quest tiles, really happy about how these have been turning out, so you will see more of these now and then.

Can see some close ups, different angles, more WIPs and some of the models i have been painting for it here.

Any way, sorry for heaps of pictures but i said i am a person of few words ;-) . So welcome to my blog and hope you enjoy!



  1. Yay good to see you blogging Foot!

    Everything is looking as fantastic as always. :)

  2. Hi, Foot! Good to see you indeed! I look forward to your next projects, i.e. the Possessed. Very impressive first post! :)

  3. Does this mean you're going to be painting a bit more often? :)
    I'd love to see more Pact!