Monday, April 19, 2010

Burn the Witch!...and such..

Hellooo, have another post for thee.

As i said last time that this time i will be posting up some of my latest model stuff.

Been working on these two warbands now on and off for awhile now *shakes fist at distractions and no mojo*
I really wanted to convert every model for both of these warband to make them look totally different from what you normally see around, even the bases i wanted to look quite different which i think i have done :)

First up will be my Witch Hunters. I have converted most of this warband, just need to make some more flagellants for them and they will all be ready for paint.

First off, we have the warhounds. Got these models awhile back from Rackham minitures, sadly tho they dont sell them anymore.

Witch Hunter captain and the Warrior Priest

lastly we have the Witch Hunters and the first flagellant

Now on to the Possessed!
I wanted to give these guys a old Carnival/Theater vibe, i think i have achieved that so far.

Magister aka "The puppet master" and the first brethren

the two Possessed

Lastly for now there are the two "mutants", wanted to have these two look like they are hiding their mutations and such to try and look more human and give them that creepy feel.

Whew, thats alot of pics again sorry :P but i think those first two posts would be the ones with the most pics, showing off things and such.

Next i want to try and convert up some Beastmen or some more Brethren. So i shall see you then!

C&C always welcome.



  1. Everything looks great sir :) I think that Mordheim might still be my favourite gaming system - it's great when someone like a youngblood levels up until he's a kickass hero :)

  2. Very nice work! I love the life you put into these minis!
    Could you tell me where the bits of the flagellant are coming from?
    Would be nice to see all of them painted together!