Monday, July 26, 2010

City of the Damned part 2 + more!

Hello everyone who reads this blog once again.

I have quite afew pictures for everyone today, mainly of the painted version of the building in the last post. I also have some WIP pics of a "beastman" and a warlock for mordheim :-)

You may have also noticed a bit of a change of look to the blog, after afew trial and errors i think i got a look that i like, apart from the fact that it has some how duplicated all my blog posts under the main posts :-/, so if anyone has any idea how that happened let me know cause i cant get rid of them!

Anyway i don't really have much to say so i will carry on with pictures.

First up will be the mansion all painted up. I'm rather happy how it came out, especially for my very first proper try at terrain.

So yeah, theres afew pictures there but as i said i'm rather happy with it, i found it abit hard to take some pictures of terrain, never really done it before and i think i should invest in a tripod.

On to some miniatures!

First up is the warlock, i "stole" the whole pose and idea from one of my favorite mordheim modelers apart from changing the head. You can find his blog Here.

And lastly is my first of three "beastmen". I wanted these guys to be more human-looking, for something different from the normal that you see around. This one is just a basic henchman, but i am currently working on one that has become a hero. 

Anyway thats all for now, lemme know what you think and i hope you all like them :-)

C&C always welcome like normal.



  1. You finally got the building finished, great job!

    The Warlock and Beastman are shaping up nicely too, what legs did you use for the latter?

  2. Cheers matey, the legs are from the new-ish empire archers box.


  3. Great Progress Foot!
    The building looks great.
    I really like the understated beastman idea too.
    Thanks for the compliment.