Saturday, July 3, 2010

Building the city of the damned. Part 1

Hellooooooo peoples

As most of you probably know by now i get distracted/lazy/bored easily, so i have only really done half of the 3 beast men for my possessed, mainly cause i need to get some new drill bits to pin some things and i havent gotten around to that yet :-P

So have i been doing then ask? well as the title says, i have been building stuff (ok only one thing atm but i have tones of ideas!). This building was originally going to be an inn/pub but then i think its turned more into a mansion type of thing, im not quite sure but i like it!
These buildings i will be doing are going to be a mixture of tall and large, cause if you have seen the artwork/old old old battle reports you would notice that they are rather tall, plus i want them to be large so you can get you hands in them and all that jazz. The bottom floor originally was going to be playable but then thought how would you get your hands in there to move the models around? so i just scraped that idea and stuck some rubble there lol. Note the i still have to finish off the base but i will do that another time.

Anyway onto the pictures eh?

I also made a bridge type of thing to put between terrain when i have made more

Anyway i don't really have much else to say at the mo so i will see you next time! and C&C always welcome as normal :-)



  1. Awesomeface!

    Great work thus far on the building, I certainly envy your terrain building skills. :)

  2. Very nice sir! I especially like the walkways and the fact that you have plenty of rubble strewn about the place! Always irks me when I see nice Mordheim terrain, but it looks like the streets and ruins have been cleaned by some oddball Chaos Spawn :)