Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm still alive!

Why hello blog following people.

Haven't done an update in forever, i blame laziness and a snazzy/addictive game called Minecraft. And i think soon my time will be taken over by more games, such as more Minecraft,  Fallout: New Vegas and Black ops so hopefully i can pull myself away from them to update more often.

Anywho, once again i don't really have much to say other than show you some things i have painted, mainly once again for Mordheim related things. Acouple of hired swords for my Possessed warband and a random ghoul model(which may lead to a new undead warband at some point in the future).

Onwards to the pictures!

First up is the Witch, it's the old Mordheim model and her spells seem to bug opponents i play, so i enjoy it :P

Secondly we have a Hired Ogre for the Possessed warband, decided to use the Mordheim Pitfighter ogre model, seemed to fit with a chaosy theme imo.

Lastly we have a Ghoul from Heresy miniatures, great sculpts and this model is semi disturbing so i just had to paint it :-P  really happy how it came out.

So like normal, C&C always welcome aaand see you next update!



  1. Wow, you actually painted something! :P

    Great work all round, that Ghoul in particular is looking rather disturbing.

  2. Love those Heresy Ghouls. I got a pack of each a couple of years back but still haven't got around to painting them. What palate did you use? I'm thinking of starting with Dheneb Stone as my basecoat...

  3. @the pirate wannabe
    Cheers matey, glad you like them. And yes, i painted something :P

    @Mr/Mrs Anonymous
    They are rather lovely models aint they?(if you can call them that)

    Dhenneb stone could work, its a rather light colour aint it?

    I started with Charadon granite on that one and kept adding kommando khaki, then started doing some controlled washes of purples and devlin mud.
    As for the baby, i started with catachan green then started adding elf flesh and some rotting flesh.

    Hope that helps in some way :)


  4. I'm a real pirate dammit! :p

    So what's next on the agenda?

  5. Impressive work as usual, Foot.

    I love the way that even your unconverted mini's look excellent, I think it's the basing style and the lovely grimy paintjobs that makes your miniatures so unique!

    The Heresy Ghouls are amazing miniatures, I picked a few up some years ago but never got around to paint them. You did a great job on it, as ever. D: