Saturday, November 6, 2010

Something old school

Got something a tad different for everyone today.

Me and afew people from my gaming group have been playing a very old game, which i have had sitting on a shelf for awhile now. And i'm glad i got some people to play it cause we are having a blast with it so far. What might this old game be? well its good ol Heroquest!

Now i have been thinking about painting up all the models from the set and expansions for many years, but have never gotten around to doing it or have been too lazy to paint all those models. Since we have gotten back into the game I've been thinking to myself if i could paint them in a quick way which would still look half decent, and i think i have come up with a way.

I have done some tests on the main 7 monsters and i think they have come out quite good for the time i spent on them. Only spent about an hour on each (maybe less for the skeleton and mummy). Anywho, enough words and on to some pictures eh? even tho theres not much to show.

First up we have the green skins.

Fimir, Orc and Goblin

Then theres the undead monsters

Skeleton, Zombie and Mummy

And lastly
Chaos Warrior

So once again that was something abit different, so lemme know what you think and C&C always welcome as normal :)

P.s. Please ignore the mold lines, these are just test models :-P



  1. Somewhat surprisingly Heroquest is still really fun to play, despite its apparent 'lack of sophistication'. The models look swell, by the way! What colours have you got planned for the gargoyle?

  2. Nice to see more stuff from you, I particularly like the Zombie's flesh tones and the deep crimson on the Chaos Warrior. Kudos!

  3. Heroquest, nothing else like it. Still have all my old heroes and the core set of furnishing, monsters etc.

    Your CK looks solid, a nice deep red. Recently updated the paint on my barbarian, not much detail on these models but they're still the best gaming pieces I've seen for a boardgame.

  4. Love the old HeroQuest stuff, great job! Please Foot, get your lazy arse back into painting.. ;)