Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ello ello all.

So Wyrd has released a new game called Puppet wars. It's basically a spin off of Malifaux where from what i can tell a witch has made puppets/voodoo dolls of each character and at night they come alive and try to tear each other apart.
Been having games of if over the last few weeks and i must say i rather enjoy it and hopefully it will lead into me getting to know the rules for Malifaux and to play some games, cause right now just reading the rules, it has me slightly confused lol.

What does this have to do with my blog? well i have purchased some of the stuff for it and have been painting up some of the models and well, i have some pictures for you all.
Now these things are rather small, about just over half the size of a guardsman, so keep that in mind while looking at the pics. Some of the models are alittle bit odd but i guess thats just Wyrd's style. Anywho, one to some pics cause there are afew, i have been rather busy painting these.

I shall start with some Pawns.

Punk Zombie

Rotten Belle

Convict Gunslinger

Razorspine Rattler

Death Marshal



One of the Sidekicks


First two Masters, these are the ones you get in the main box.


Lady Justice

Well thats all for now, i am currently painting up the other two masters and afew other random puppets. I'm rather enjoying painting these for some reason, might be cause they are all so different and something new.

Not too sure when the next update will be due to all the games coming out soon, like Arkham City is out tomorrow, then next month we have Battlefield 3, MW3, Skyrim and the new Zelda game. They will be taking alot of my time lol.

Anywho, C&C always welcome like normal.



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  2. Aww how cute are they?

    Great job as always! :)

  3. Why thank you Dannybot, rather cute little buggers aint they ^^

    Ermm, deleted comment? :/


  4. They are sweet. Especially like the Gunslinger and Seamus.

    Looking forward to seeing the ones you are working on, please try and get them done and up before you get distracted by the games...

  5. @Danny boy
    Haha oh, it didn't show who it was from so it confused me alittle.

    Cheers man :) I shall try but there's like 50 of them lol. Good thing though is that I'm not sick of painting them yet!