Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just a Dreamer

Ahoy! Hello once again!

So, still no update on the dread fellow but thats quite alright. Mostly being extremely bored of 40K/GW i have returned to Malifaux in search of nifty models and creepiness and i think i may have refound that!

Last time i had done some Malifaux things i painted up Teddy and The Dreamer. This time i have got a new model for The Dreamer and decided to rebase Teddy to match her.

First up shall be Teddy, i think i have gotten better pictures of it this time too, yay!

So the new bases i went with a dirty cobble stone streets seeing as its a victorian steam punk style game.

Now onto The Dreamer, used a model from Hasslefree miniatures(can't remember the name of the model but im sure you can find it if you go look.). Little girls always seem more creepy than boys to me, so thats one of the main reasons i used this model, plus i think having a girl means i can make/use other teddy like models.

Quite happy with how she came out, Maelstrom suggested a snazzy twisted/warped style base but i couldn't get it to work right sadly :(
Thats all the pictures for now, not much of an update but at least it's something eh?

Right so what else do i have planned? Got some day-dreams being based atm, also have some plans for a Lord Chompy Bits which i will hopefully get around to doing. Have also picked up the game by Wyrd called Puppet Wars, so i might have to paint up some of those little buggers.

EDIT: Seeing has blogspot has this odd new picture veiwer thing, when you get into that click the picture again to see full size images! and if anyone knows how to get rid of it lemme know :)

Anyway thats all for now, C&C always welcome!



  1. omg! Creepy little girl and scary giant teddy bear! nooooooo! :D

    Looking really good! The dreamer almost looks undead-like.

  2. Very nice work my Kiwi like friend shame you couldn't get teh base I suggested to work.

    she looks really creepy, now all you need to is make the replacement for lord chompy ;)