Monday, April 9, 2012

Super Dungeon Explore, SDS and =][=munda..

Oh, hello there... long time no see.

So yeah, haven't posted here for awhile eh? mainly more video games, crap and laziness taking over to do anything, you know the normal things.

Just thought i would share what miniature based stuff i have been doing over this time, even if it hasn't been much at all. Awhile back when i was painting that FW dread i mentioned something about inqmunda and how i was making an Inquisitor for it and i said i would show it next post and i never did lol.
So here he be!

Anywho, what else have i been doing? Well the last thing i had finished was acouple of Super Dungeon Explore models.
Very different style than what i have painted before, was quite fun to paint them too. I also tried acouple of new techniques on these, like cartoonyish NMM.
So heres the Druid, Angry Bear and a WIP of Candy & Cola.

And now this leads me to my latest project/things i have been doing.

Started playing a rather fun newish game called Song of Drum and Shakos. Basicly its a Napoleonic skirmish game. I have been making and painting some Birtish Highlanders from the 42nd Blackwatch blah blah etc *insert other historic like things here :P*

Heres a WIP of the squad so far. Still gotta finish up the tartan, start the whites and do all the other little details on them.

Also started some random river terrain for it ;)

Anywho, untill next i see you enjoy! C&C always welcome and remember to middle click that mouse button or right click and go "view image" or full size pics! ;)



  1. There was me and Si thinking you had quit! :p

    The =][= is really nice, good use of chaos bits. :)

  2. Hah! You should know by now that I would never let that Simon like thing win ;)

  3. Like a gothic Lazarus he rises once more.

    The Inquisitor looks very nice.

    I'm not sure what to say about the SDE figures, they are, interesting.

    What scale are the Scots?

    And one last question, how many months to the next update...?

  4. Cheers man :)

    Haha, yeah i know what you mean about the SDE minis. They are meant to look like those old school video games/chibi things. The game is rather fun, slightly dungeon crawler-ish.

    The scots are 28mm, got them from Vixtrix. You get about 60 in a box for £20 and are the pretty much the same scale as Perry miniature models.

    Next update? honestly woulden't have a clue with Diablo3 and Legend of Grimrock coming out soon :P

  5. Sticking to the hobby just to spite Simon?

    That's dedication! :p

  6. Foot - Great update. Really impressive Inquisitor. Very nice GS work and making the daemon weapon like that makes is so much cooler.

    While I'm at it you Mordheim Wichhunter Warband is truly inspirational. It made me look at the Empire Archers in a completely different light. Cheers


  7. Cheer man :)

    I kinda wish I had more intrest in 40k so I could get around to making more of the warband and paint them up. Same thing with Mordheim, those Witch hunters still need to get some paint and gotta finish up the henchmen lol.

    The archer set is a great box for doing conversion, most the new empire stuff if now that I think about it.

    Did you have a blog btw? I remember seeing some of your stuff and it looks fantastic, would like to see more :)

  8. Shame that you're not feeling the 40k and Mordheim because they really are some stunning conversions. Really hope you find the energy to finish them. Oh and the bases are genius!

    Your witch hunter henchman with cross bow inspired my Witch Hunter Inquisitor's mutie killer henchman. Thanks.

    I have a couple of blogs on DakkaDakka mainly and Ammo Bunker.

    Necromunda Scavvies:

    Random Models, Mainly Inq28 stuff:

    Sorry I tried but I cannot get HTML links to work in blogger...


  9. Hahaha you tagged the post as "Simon is a smelly lad" you foolish Kiwi.

    As Daniel says we though you had quit the fact you are continuing just to annoy me warms my heart :P

    The SDE stuff is looking awesome some truely great paint jobs on them. Nice to see the inquisitor conversion finished too.

    Now as Rictus says how long till the next update............ ;)

  10. "I kinda wish I had more intrest in 40k so I could get around to making more of the warband and paint them up. Same thing with Mordheim, those Witch hunters still need to get some paint and gotta finish up the henchmen lol."

    :whistle: - :anticipation:

  11. The Inquisitor looks great; I think I've seen more people using that chaos sorcerer for 40k conversions than I have for fantasy.