Saturday, August 22, 2015

I did a thing!


Been awhile but I finished a thing!
Not the best pics of the weathering and stuff(i'm alil rusty) but here's a robot.

Hope you like it, as always C&C always welcome. Also, i put together a Imgur album of larger pictures and some older work i have done, link is in the side bar ^^.



  1. So the rumours were true! Welcome back Foot.

    The turquoise is a good choice, very different from the usual Ad Mech reds.


    1. Thanks Dannybot ^^
      Yah, these models really remind me of old 50's B movie robots so i wanted to give them a turquoisey car paint job.

  2. Once again the Kiwi stalks the earth.......... only taken you 3 years you disgrace ;)

    Nice work on the robot sir, your bases are still as good as i remember. Now keep it up and post more or well stuff...

    1. 3 years? Didn't think it was that long.
      Thanks! Wasn't too happy with the base myself, you kept nagging me to post so i didn't mess around with it too much more.
      like i've said to you, i have more things lined up to paint, so hopefully i can keep at it :D

  3. Welcome back. Good looking robot with the turquoise.

  4. He's alive! I was beginning to think that you might have shuffled off the mortal coil! Lovely work on the robot!