Thursday, September 3, 2015

So soon?


Whats this? Another update so soon? shocking i know! But i have been busy painting(very slowly) and having fun with the hobby once again, huzzah!

Been messing around with camera settings, pictures seem to look have come out alot better, still alil blurry in some parts, but lemme know.
First up is a model i got years ago, forgot where it came from but i grabbed it cause it look just like a Brotherhood of Steel member from the Fallout games. Wanted to mess around with some metallics and weathering/rust.

Next up is one of the many Wyrd/Malifaux miniatures i own. Malifaux is a game i have never played but has one of my favorite miniature ranges to expect to see more in the future! This is one of the Guild lawyers from the bound by law box(which i plan i fully painting up), the purple came out abit brighter than i planned but over all happy with the model.

In other news, the Kingdom Death: Monster kickstarter i back afew years ago is finally getting very close to shipping, so i'm sure pumped to finally get my hands on the box set and extras I chose . If you have never seen the Kingdom Death range i think you should go check them out, some very strange but fantastic models in the range, i own acouple of the stranger ones(wet nurse and adult sunstalker) and i'm pretty sure i would spend way too much on them if they weren't always out of stock.

Anywho, thanks for the welcoming back in the comments on the last post and hope you all enjoy this one!



  1. Wonders never cease, another update in the same calender year...

    Looking good.

    I didn't go in for the Kickstarter but in the end I did pick up Monster on pre-order. Look forward to seeing what you do with that. The models look exceptional.

    1. Thanks Rictus ^^

      Nice! The phoenix model from box alone is worth it, been afew gencon reviews and alot of them are positive so far, so im looking forward to it even more. I have a few experimental painting ideas for the human models in the game, should be fun :D

  2. I love the purple on the lawyer!

    How was the set to put together? I gave up on the Seamus box I got, hard how fiddly and fragile the plastics were.

    1. It came out a lil brighter than i would of liked but i still like how it looks :D

      This one wasn't too fiddly, i have the hired swords box and about that alot more fiddly might of been cause of the female minis, like how most of the Seamus box is.