Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Into the dungeons we go!

Hello all.

Thought i had better do a small update on what i have/havent been up to.
for the last month i have had no motivation at all to get things finished, but i finally decided to get something painted up :)

Now i know i said i will be getting the Beastmen done for my Mordheim warband but havent really been in the mood for that. So heres a Barbarian for Warhammer Quest. The mini is Wolf from Hasslefree miniatures if you were wondering, very nice sculpt and had fun painting it. Anyway, on with the picture.

Quite happy how he turned out, really liked how the skin turned out. But i dont really like how it looks in the picture(i know, i know, cliché type of thing to say).

Next up i may do a base making tutorial(like the ones i use for mordheim) cause acouple of people have asked on forums.

Anywho, C&C always welcome.



  1. Very cool, Foot! The skin does look very natural. Great job!

  2. Dear Foot, I do not have a lot of things to say about the Barbarian but I am looking forward to your Base Tutorial and more painted Witch Hunters/ Possessed. I know all about how you can fall out of the 'sync' of painting but once you get back in it all tends to pan out.

    PS. I do hope your Witch Hunters will be more Grey/Brown than Green :)