Sunday, June 20, 2010

Four armed freak

Ahoy, hello and all that

Long time no post but once again i have been a lazy bugger/ distracted by video games, but i have for you an update!
Well i was suppose to have the warband done by yesterday because a small Mordheim tournament at my club today, but i normally like to take my time converting everything to look different so i never got around to finishing much, but i did manage to place 3rd in the winning of games part of it so i was happy with that.

But anyway, i did manage to get something competed which is my four armed possessed, so heres some pics of him/it.

C&C and stuff like that is always welcome :-)

Still haven't gotten around to doing a base tutorial yet, mainly cause i haven't made any new bases, but im keen on starting my beastmen soon, so hopefully i will remember to take pics then.

See you next time!


  1. Great to see you working again, the Mutant is looking fabulous with its weird fleshy tones. :)

  2. Possessed is very inspiring! Good work!