Monday, April 4, 2011

Holy cats!

Hello everyone!

Been awhile since i have touched this blog eh? It's also been awhile since i have painted anything, but hopefully things shall change.

I could go on and on with excuses but the main reasons are i haven't really been that interested it painting/modeling anything and distracted by video games lol :-P

Right, so why am i digging this out of a grave? well cause i have been painting again. Just starting with some hasslefree zombie hunter models to get back into the painting groove.

Onto some pics eh? couldn't get the best pics of the first guy, somehow the pics turned out quite shiney :-/

First up is Zombie hunter Kev, im pretty sure thats the name of the model.

Next one is just the riot cop, with zombie splatter on the shield ;-)

So yeah, thats all for now sorry. May not be the best painted things i have done, but atleast it's something eh?

I have been forcing myself to paint everynight for atleast an hour, so there shall be more stuff soon including more Zombie hunters, some zombies and i have orderd some Malifaux Neatherborn models which will be fun to paint :-)

C&C are always welcome as normal.



  1. Welcome back to the fold!

    The hunters look nice, although I can't really see much from the photos though :/

  2. Woo! My prayers have been answered! From what I can see they look good sir. The pictures are a tad dark as Mr. Feral mentioned..


  3. Wow, a few months of me and Herr Feral nagging you to paint and you finally break, I call that a victory :P

    Great work on the zombie hunters love the gore on the riot shield. I say you should add a band logo of some sort to the hoodie :)

    now to quote Pfreck MOAR :P