Sunday, April 17, 2011

If you go down to the woods today....

Ahoy hoy everyone.

In my last post i said i was going to be doing some Malifaux stuff at some point, well that point has already come. So i got my Malifaux order the other day and have been painting and basing them, decided to get The Dreamer starter and Teddy(just love that model :-P ). Quite like the models, hardly any mold lines or anything like that, so i think i shall be picking up more in the future.

Don't really have too much to say today so lets get on to the pics eh.

First up is The Dreamer, hes one of the masters in the Neverborn and has a seems to have creepy/strangely twisted models to go with him, which kinda fits my style of painting well i think.

Next we have one of my fav models of the Wyrd/Malifaux range, Teddy! Big evil cuddly teddy bear ;)

So yah, quite happy how they came out. Tho the dreamers skin could of been abit better but it will do for now.

C&C always welcome as normal.



  1. Nice, love the dark and grimy tones you've got going there. That pink on Teddy is pretty badass too.

    The only thing I'm not too keen on is the tree, it looks too much like wires twisted together.

    Good work anyway and I look forward to Lord Chompy Bits. :)

  2. Very nice work sir, the teddy looks awesome especially the pink and the eyes :)

    I'm a fan of the tree after you told me its supposed to be part of a dream/supernatural world it makes sense that the trees would look different :)

  3. Hey kiwi, just to let you know I've nominated you for a "Stylish Blogger Award"!

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  4. i guess in a sense you were just a malifaux-fan waiting to happen. though its so sad that we will never see your witch hunters completed. the captain was the finest conversion I ever saw for WH