Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello once again people!

Been awhile again since I've posted, distracted by games again, blah blah normal reasons lol.

Well what do i have for you today? Some new Mordheim related models, huzzah!
First up we got some good ol Zombies for an Undead warband, everyone likes some Zombies eh?

Zombie 1: these zombies haven't had too much conversion work done to them as you can see, i gave this one the classic dragging foot pose, with a slit throat and a sneaky arrow in the back. Paint wise, has mostly been covered up sadly with pigments to make it look like its just come out of a grave.

Zombie 2: Less conversion work with this one, just cut the arm off and added some of his face missing.

Now we have acouple of WIP pictures.

Zombie 3 with a broken off spear impaled in it and half his face pealed off. Was as happy with this one but might look better when painted :)

And lastly we have a very early WIP pic of the Vampire.

Well thats all for now, will try update quicker next time, but if not i shall see you when i post next!

C&C always welcome like normal.



  1. Impressive Zombies, I love dirty they are.

    The Vampire is looking interesting, can we get a bitz rundown thus far?

  2. Cheers guys

    Bits on the vamp so far are - The sword is from the Mordheim models Ulli & Marquand(forgot who is who), arm is from empire archers and the body is from the warhammer forge swordsmen(lovely sculpts)