Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two legged doom machine.

Well thats how i look at this model.

A friend of mine(go check out his blog, hes a great painter!) was doing a Forge World order so I decided to treat myself to the new Contemptor dread, lovely model it is! Don't normally do marine related things cause i find them quite boring now days, but this thing caught my eye as something i wanted to corrupt and have fun painting.

After getting the model i kept going back and forth about if i wanted to make it chaos or not. Only till after i had built the dread i decided i will turn it to chaos, so i scraped off all the goodie too shoes bits(weren't  that many so it wasn't too hard). The idea i have for painting this fellow up is one of the random marines i paint up every now and then which i named "The Chaos Wolves" not that original i know :-P heres a pic of the marine cause i don't think i have posted on here.

As you can see, rather simple. My idea for them is that they are not very chaosy but still chaosy enough to make them look chaos(that make any sense to you guys? lol) So in other words not big spikey bits, mutations or the normal stuff you would see on chaos marines.

Anyway i have probably built this up too much so onto some pictures!

And a random shot of the base just cause :-P

So yah, not much done to it. Some chaos looking seals and abit of chipping/damage to the armour. Lemme know what you think!

A smidge of an update on things, i wanna try get this blog more active once again. So after having a look at some other blogs i might try something out that they have been doing doing. Where they have been posting older work of theirs and explain abit about it, sounds interesting? plus i get to show you stuff i haven't shown before like my Infinity models, the read of my unfinished Warriors of Chaos army, more Blood Pact just to name afew. These are the blogs if you were wondering

So lemme know what you think of the idea and what you also think of the dread!

C&C always welcome.



  1. Do so like the Comtemptor, I am in the process of persuading Si he needs to pick up a couple at Games Day.

    The pose comes off nicely and I fully approve turning him to Chaos but without the spikes etc.

    As for posting old projects, definately do it (but then I would say that).

  2. Wow you listened to me and posted it up, I'm impressed.

    Pose works really well dude and I like the more subtle chaos approach you are going for :)

    @Rictus: you are trying to convince me to buy 2 sir are plain evil :P

  3. That's your second Chaos Wolf now? The bronze and brown combination is quite unique and the model has a good sense of motion too.

    I'm pleased that you picked up a Contemptor! The simple conversions like your impurity seals and battle damage as well as the urban rubble base make the model.

    Now I have to decide which Contemptor variant I want now... :p

    ps. read the controversy after you said chow to the AB. Never truer words spoken by you. :)

  4. @ SC
    Cheers man :D

    I think he needs more than 2 ;)

    Listened to you? bah! i would never do that, i wanted to post it :P

    Nay, it's still the first one just cant remeber if i have posted it on here or not.
    I think i have spoken truer words about simon and his bad smells :)


  5. Awesome, I picked one up as well last weekend. I went for the twin Assault Cannon configuration (they already had them on sale at Games Day Germany!) Excellent miniature indeed!

    As for the Chaos Wolves, what about naming them Skyrar's Dark Wolves as in the Renegade Chapter from Codex: Chaos Space Marines? They kinda look like them atm. :)


  6. Cheers man, i'm jealous of those assault cannons! D:

    Just had a look at them, i like the name but they are silver dude :P. another name i thought of was "Wolves of the blood moon", seems more chaosy.