Thursday, August 11, 2011

Contemptor update

Ahoy hoy

Just a quick little update post on the Dread. Finding this model very fun to paint, was rather fun to put together too!

I also forgot how much of a pain taking good pictures of metallics is, so heres acouple of average WIP pics.

So yah, thats where im upto. Got most of the armor done, need to go over the metal/silver areas again aswell as finish up the black little details.

Also this smelly git fixed my blog! So no more of this double posting everything shite ^_^

Lemme know what you think so far. C&C always welcome like normal.



  1. Looks good mate!

    Nice job on the weathered gold/brass.

    How did you find the kit in general? Were all the parts well cast? Any clean up issues? How easy did it go together?

  2. Cheers man :)

    I thought the kit was good,was rather fun to put togeather, there was the normal type of mold lines/flash on the edges. Only part that wasn't a good cast was on the right side of the lascannons but thats hidden now. I did have to pin it alot cause most of the joints are ball style ones. Hope that helps


  3. Glad to hear it's a good kit to work with.

    I dig the metallics, looking good thus far, Are you going to add any red like on the Chaos Marine? I think it needs it somewhere to break the model up a bit.

    Otherwise, fantastique! :)

  4. Amazing! Probably shaping up to be the best one I have seen yet!

    I don't know how I haven't seen your blog before but I love your work from what I have seen so I've subscribed.

    Keep it up!


  5. @Mr Feral
    Cheers! yah, there will be some red on the shoulder pad aswell as some chipping.

    Thank you very muchly sir and welcome aboard! :)