Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oldies: Part 1

In one of my last posts i mentioned showing some of my older models and things i haven't posted on this blog yet, so heres the first one of those! So bare with me if some of the pictures or painting aint the best :)


I think my Infinity stuff was some of the first things i posted on the interwebs over on The Ammobunker, back in 07? 08? sometime around then. Kinda funny seeing how different my painting style was then too. 

Got into Infinity cause i really liked the models, the game confused me abit back then and still haven't played many games of it but they were rather fun to paint.

I went with Ariadna and painted them as if they were in snow, so lots of white and a smidge of grey and black.Tried quite afew very small freehand squad markings from the book too. Anyway onto some pics eh?
Can't really remember what everything is called so sorry if i don't label everything.

Missile Launcher
Auto Cannon
Photobucket Photobucket

Adhesive Launcher


And lastly the Snipers. These were interesting to paint, wanted to give them camo of some sort but not giving them your typical winter camo, so after abit of looking around i found "stick and limb" camo. Thought it was rather interesting and gave it a try, thought it came out alright on the female sniper, but on the male one it looks a tad odd.


So thats the first "oldies" part, let me know if you wanna see more of my older models, which will have stuff like Warriors of Chaos, Blood Pact, some random Imperial Guard things, Warhammer Quest and other random things i have laying around :)

Update on the dread, haven't done too much with it this week you can blame Maelstrom for that, hes challenged/ been nagging me to make some Inq28 related models so i have been making some of them, once i get the dread done i shall show you what i have been making :)


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  1. Nice Infinity stuff.

    What are you making for INQ28? :)